Denture evaluation, fabrication & replacement.

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Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, there may come a time when dentures are your best option. Severe tooth aches, tooth decay, gum inflammation, bone loss and difficulty when eating or chewing food can all be factors in the need for dentures. However, diagnosing the need for dentures requires a dentist. Dr. Hall has extensive experience working with dentures and can help you understand the many options available to you.

Another very important thing to understand when you have dentures is that they should be replaced roughly every 5 years. Your face and jaw tissue changes over the years but your dentures do not. To ensure the beautiful, comfortable appearance of your dentures, it’s important to visit us at Woodmoor Dental for scheduled checkups.

In the case when dentures are needed, the process is generally simple and stress free. First, an impression of your mouth is taken. We then send that impression to the lab to have a mock-up created. After the mock-up is approved by you, the dentures are fabricated and sent back to our office.


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